Sober Cinema

Eight Years Later: TANGLED and BURLESQUE

November 27, 2018


Eight years ago on November 24, 2010 the world let its hair down at the movies with Disney's TANGLED and some poor bastard's BURLESQUE. The former may now be the little sister to FROZEN but at the time it was another major animated hit for the company that would soon own every IP, while the latter was a not-so-successful flick at the box office for Cher's no longer animated face. However this Christina Aguilera starring film does offer some valuable lessons even now: like how completely asexual women dancing erotically in minimal clothing can be. It really is quite a feat that we recommend you not try at home... unless you are superfan Jairo who is probably doing just that right now.  As for the rest of you, spend your time clicking these links below:

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