Sober Cinema


December 12, 2018

It's the holiday season... which means we are tired of Christmas movies and jump back six months to June 8, 2018 with warmer weather and the release of warmer family films such as HEREDITARY and HEARTS BEAT LOUD. To do so we bring on Andy From Work as a guest to tackle the horror of Nick Offerman having a heart in a part very much removed from the iconic Ron Swanson. Also the OBVIOUS heir to the DUMB AND DUMBER crown that is Toni Collette making mistake after mistake when her pet's head falls off. Along with that particular surprise THE Nasty Hellcat talks about getting soft in his old age much like the disgusting nude bodies on display in the horror movie box office hit. Is that enough to get a man to fully embrace the indie spirit and fatherhood seen in Brett Haley's film? One host suggests going back to alcoholism and the other really loves seeing children die on screen. Happy holidays!

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