Sober Cinema

Twenty-Five Years Later: BLINK and RED ROCK WEST

February 12, 2019

Twenty-five years ago on January 28, 1994 the world got not one but two noir thrillers. Our forgotten film RED ROCK WEST that opened on one screen to $11k starring Nicolas Cage doing one-armed pushups on the side of a desert highway... and the mainstream hit BLINK which opened to $4 million starring Madeline Stowe as a blind woman WISHING that she could see Cage in all his shirtless glory. Unfortunately she could not and this thriller features a whole lot of mansplaining as she tries to identify a serial killer stalking her which ends up being a lot less fun than seeing Nicolas Cage's honest(ish) everyman put through the ringer in an attempt for gas money. And in true SOBER CINEMA fashion this all ends up with a lot of butt play. More by clicking these links!

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